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Landmark is a database of PD/Open Source media developed by dedicated artists, writers and illustrators. As a collaborative project, Landmark welcomes input and feedback from all contributors, particularly those with a firm knowledge of the visual media associated with the subject (please note that except where otherwise advised, all content posted to this site is either PD or open source). Feel free to visit our sister projects, serving to expand the range and scope of the source material (see links at the bottom of the page). For full effect, set your preferences to monobook. Problems or inquiries, please contact our Administrators for assistance.

Featured Article

Miss Fury is a fictional superheroine from the Golden Age of Comics. She first appeared as The Black Fury on April 6, 1941, a Sunday comic strip distributed by the Bell Syndicate, and created by artist June Tarpé Mills (writing as Tarpé Mills). While Miss Fury was extremely popular, the revealing outfits worn by the female characters provoked some controversy at the time. When Marla Drake was drawn wearing a bikini in 1947, 37 newspapers dropped the strip in response. The series ran until 1952. Read more...

Featured Image

Former pro football player Trevor Wilson was struck by lightning during a game. Instead of killing him, it sparked his latent super strength. Highly durable and eager to brawl with the villains, Trevor joined the fight for good as The Overtaker. Character and artwork created by Jason Parr, click here to view image at full size...

Featured Character

Masque, aka the Midnight Stalker, is an unidentified mental patient driven mad by contact with supernatural forces. Tainted by demonic possession, he has developed uncanny telepathic skills which allow him to unerringly distinguish the innocent from the guilty. Due to his mental instability, he now believes himself a demon from hell, sent upworld to 'collect' the souls of the evil. Escaping from Dunwich Asylum, he descends on the nearby city of Radcliff, home to the most vile and corrupt creatures to ever walk the earth in human form. At the present time, Masque is around 26, has been operating as a 'hunter' for over 2 years and has already gained a fearsome reputation amongst the city's criminal element. He has no recollection of his former life, his memory having been completely erased by demonic forces. Read more...


The Terran Imperium is an alternate reality set within the Landmark Universe. A violent, warlike empire ruled by malevolent transhumans, Terra Magnus Imperium is the "dark twin" of the Planet Earth, a hellish dominion bent on universal conquest. READ MORE...


DopplerPress is an online publishing company established as an affiliate of Big Closet by Erin Halfelven in 2007. Distributing content through Amazon and Lulu, the imprint offers a digital platform for authors who wish to self-publish in eBook format. Services include editing, cover design, marketing and advertising. READ MORE...

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