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Liam Slade is an author specializing in transformation and bodyswap fiction centering primarily on gender and age. He currently has one novel and three novellas available for download on Amazon Kindle and elsewhere, as well as a number of stories on FictionMania, TG Storytime, and his own website Beyond Ourselves. He has been a longtime contributor to the ongoing fictional blog The Trading Post.

Writing Career[edit]

Liam's earliest TG/TF work was posted in 2005 at FictionMania. In 2008 he began contributing to The Trading Post, a fictional blog chronicling the lives of individuals who are transformed into others after staying at a mysterious Inn in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Among the characters he originated were Todd (a Canadian musician and writer who spent time a suburban housewife), Tori (originally a nebbishy virgin IT professional named Cliff who became a beautiful young woman) and Valerie (originally a roustabout named Tyler).

In 2020, he launched his own blog, Beyond Ourselves, to post his own fiction. It currently features a number of original short works such as "Fish of the Desert," "Workout," "Cat Fisher" and "Steven: A Love Story," each of which deals with physical transformation between genders.

In an interview with Genderfluid News, he highlighted the connection between transformation and romance in his work: "Each one provides a window into examining the other, so the way I transform my characters is a way to look at how their relationships develop and change."[1]

He cites fairy tales, mythology, romance books, teen fiction and comic books as his influences. He also notes an ongoing interest in exploring ideas and form along with his desire to please readers with his stories.[2][3]

Liam maintains a DeviantArt account featuring captions and original art.

Published Works[edit]

The following are all available on Amazon Kindle or from Smashwords:

Personal Life[edit]

Liam is in his mid-30's and resides near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he was born. He is a cisgender male and a staunch ally for LGBTQ causes. He has been married since 2019 to "Mrs. Slade" (also called "Em" in his metafictional work "The Writer's Dilemma.") He works a day job in book retail and attributes some of his success as a writer to his experience there.[4] His interests include comic books and rock music.

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